Take note that these sites maybe don't represent exactly the same beliefs as the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, but nevertheless the author of this website considers them as helpful references and appreciates the faith of their authors.

NEW: I'm in the process of updating links. Unfortunately some interesting pages ceased to exist (like Mennonite Information Center by Tim Haines and Mennonitica). If anybody knows anything about their new location - please let me know. Also I plan to make a separate section of Russian links. Apr. 9' 2002

www.uwm.edu/~petr Author's Personal Page

Anabaptist-Mennonites links

www.blagodat.org - Blagodat Books - new Russian Christian on-line BookstoreNEW

www.homecomers.org/mirror HOMECOMERS.ORG MARTYRS MIRROR site by Michael McGinnis

www.gw.org/Sos The Secret of the Strength by Peter Hoover

www.bibleviews.com Biblical Viewpoints Publications by Leland Haines

www.montanasat.net/rickv Christian Reality Ministries by Rick Vogel

www.anabaptists.org Anabaptists by Mark Roth

www.bibleliving.org FREE Gospel Recording and Gospel Song by Tim Burkholder

www.charityministries.org Charity Tape Ministries

w3.ime.net/~wchesley/anabaptist Anabaptism: Resources for the seeker, by Wayne Chisley

douthitt.faithweb.com Our Mennonite Faith by David Douthitt

www.house-church.net Anabaptist House Churches of Christ by Aleksandar Katanovic

joe.cybersat.net Joe's Site

www.primitivechristian.info The Primitive Christian

Also helpful sites with references:

Mennonite Connections
on the WWW by Bradley Lehman

Christian Ethereal Library

Guide to Early Church Documents

www.bibleviews.com/ruБиблейские Взгляды

Коллекция русских Христианских ссылок от Путника

Каталог Христианских Ресурсов Internet «Светильник» lamp.jeo.ru

Библейские Компьютерные программы biblerussia.org/software
Зеркало для загрузки www.freebible.com/rus

Slavic Bible
E-Sword Bible Freeware www.e-sword.net
FreeBible Freeware www.freebible.com


Gospel Tract and Bible Society - free literature from the Church of God in Christ , Mennonite
Anabaptist Bookstore
MennoLink Bookstore
Christian Light PublicationsChristian Light Publications
Rod and Staff PublishersRod and Staff Publishers
Biblical Viewpoints Publications
Bible Helps
Mennonite Publishing House
Herald Press
TBS Trinitarian Bible Society

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